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10 Family-friendly Best New Zealand Hiking Tours


Fancy an adventure that promises unforgettable memories with your loved ones? Look no further! Best New Zealand Hiking Tours are renowned worldwide for their beauty and family-friendly accessibility.Why should families consider New Zealand for hiking? Well, there’s a reason it’s been the backdrop for countless films and stories.

Why New Zealand?

Besides its breathtaking landscapes, Best New Zealand Hiking Tours offer a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Imagine strolling through vast meadows, encountering serene lakes, and, of course, the famed Middle Earth landscapes. Sound like a fantasy? It’s a reality in New Zealand.

Best New Zealand Hiking Tours

Diverse Eco-system

The Best New Zealand Hiking Tours aren’t just about the views. New Zealand is the home of the rare Kiwi bird and Tuatara, making it a unique opportunity to encounter them.

Benefits of Family Hiking

Family hikes are about more than just about the views. They’re bonding sessions, aren’t they? Teaching your children about nature, instilling in them a love for the outdoors, and spending quality time – that’s the essence of Best New Zealand Hiking Tours.

Top 10 Family-friendly Hikes in New Zealand

Now, let’s delve into the creme de la creme of hikes tailored for families in New Zealand.

1- Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Considered one of the best day hikes in the world, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing offers surreal volcanic landscapes.

Highlights and Features

Passing the Emerald Lakes and witnessing the majestic Mt. Ngauruhoe are cherished moments. And the Best New Zealand Hiking Tours always recommend this hike.

Tips for Families

While captivating, ensure everyone has sturdy footwear. Remember, safety comes first!

Best New Zealand Hiking Tours

2- Abel Tasman Coast Track

This coastal Track offers golden beaches and lush forests – a family paradise.

Highlights and Features

The pristine waters and the opportunity to spot seals are unmissable. Indeed, it’s a gem in the Best New Zealand Hiking Tours.

Tips for Families

Plan for plenty of swim breaks, and watch the little ones by the water.

3-Aoraki Mount Cook Village Walks

Surrounding New Zealand’s highest mountain, Aoraki/Mount Cook Village is a hub for family-friendly tracks. It offers short walks with rewarding views and’s a gem among the Best New Zealand Hiking Tours, suitable for families with younger children.

Best New Zealand Hiking Tours


4- Waikaremoana Track

Set beside the pristine Lake Waikaremoana; this Track offers families an authentic rainforest experience. With its gentle undulations and enchanting waterfalls, it’s no wonder that it ranks among the Best New Zealand Hiking Tours for a family adventure.

5-Routeburn Track

Winding through two national parks, this Track offers mesmerizing alpine vistas.

Highlights and Features

The sweeping views of the Southern Alps are unmatched. It’s a must on the list of Best New Zealand Hiking Tours.

Tips for Families

Consider staying overnight in one of the huts for an immersive experience.

Best New Zealand Hiking Tours

6- Milford Track

The phrase “finest walk in the world” is used to describe a popular walking trail.,’ This track is perfect for families seeking wonder.

Highlights and Features

Pass waterfalls and pristine lakes – the beauty of the Best New Zealand Hiking Tours shines here.

Tips for Families

Book in advance, especially in peak season, to secure your spot.

7- Whanganui Journey

More of a paddle than a hike, families can canoe or kayak this 145km route, enjoying some of the Best New Zealand Hiking Tours from the water!

8- Rakiura Track

Situated on Stewart Island, this 32km trail offers a chance to witness kiwi birds in the wild, making it one of the unique Best New Zealand Hiking Tours.

9- Taranaki Falls Track

Located in the Tongariro National Park, the Taranaki Falls Track provides families a relatively easy walk leading to a spectacular waterfall. Its two-hour loop makes it accessible and engaging, making it a favorite for those seeking the Best New Zealand Hiking Tours for a day’s excursion.

Best New Zealand Hiking Tours

10- Kepler Track

A haven for birdwatchers, this Track promises rich biodiversity.

Highlights and Features

From lush forests to alpine grasslands, the diversity is astounding. A standout in Best New Zealand Hiking Tours.

Tips for Families

Carry binoculars. The kids will love spotting unique birds!

Preparing for Your Hike

Being prepared ensures everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Safety Precautions

Check weather forecasts, inform someone about your plans, and always stay on the marked paths. After all, Best New Zealand Hiking Tours are about fun and safety.

Essential Gears and Items

Equip yourselves with sun hats, sunscreen, ample water, and snacks. Remember, happy tummies equal happy hikers.

Check weather conditions

Ensure everyone wears comfortable shoes and clothing.
Pack essentials like water, snacks, first aid, and a map.
Keep a steady pace suitable for all family members.
Respect nature and wildlife. Leave no trace!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In the realm of hiking, New Zealand stands unparalleled. The Best New Zealand Hiking Tours offer mesmerizing landscapes and foster family bonds. So, when are you packing your hiking boots?

FAQs for Family-friendly Best New Zealand Hiking Tours

The hikes vary in length, but most are designed to be manageable for families, typically ranging from 2 to 6 hours. Each tour will specify its duration.

Some of the trails are pram-friendly, but not all. It's best to consult the specific tour details or contact the tour operator if you intend to bring a pram.

Experienced guides will accompany each tour, ensuring safety and sharing insights about the local flora and fauna.

Some tour operators offer customization options. You'll need to discuss this directly with them to tailor your experience.

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