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Best Places to See Northern Lights: A Natural Phenomenon

Have you ever seen images of the night sky painted with vibrant shades of green, purple, and pink? Those pictures depict nature’s most spectacular light shows: the Northern Lights.

What are Northern Lights?

The Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon. It is also called the Northern Lights. It is an incredible natural wonder that occurs in polar regions and is truly mesmerizing. As an observer, you’d see light waves dancing across the night sky in stunning colors.

Northern Lights

The Science Behind Northern Lights

Natural light is created. Particles charged by the sun crash into the gas particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Why See Northern Lights

A Bucket List Experience

The experience of seeing the Lights is on the bucket list of many individuals. The sight of these lights shimmering in the frosty air of a polar night is truly indescribable.

The Perfect Adventure for Nature Lovers

Whether you’re a passionate traveler, an astronomy enthusiast, or a nature lover, the Lights will captivate you with their ethereal beauty and magical charm.

When to See the Northern Lights

Best Time of Year

While the lights can be seen throughout the year, they’re most visible between late September and March, when nights are the longest.

Ideal Weather Conditions

Clear skies and minimal light pollution are essential for an optimal viewing experience.

Where to See Northern Lights

Tromsø, Norway

This Arctic city provides a high probability of witnessing the spectacle. It offers several viewing spots away from city lights and organizes guided tours.

Northern Lights

Abisko, Sweden

Renowned for its clear skies, Abisko National Park is another prime location. The park even hosts an Aurora Sky Station for dedicated viewing.

Reykjavik, Iceland

For aurora seekers, Iceland’s capital is a great vicinity in place of the aurora region because it’s miles in proximity to the Arctic Circle.

Northern Lights

Yellowknife, Canada

With its flat terrain and optimal geographical location, Yellowknife is an excellent choice for catching sight of mesmerizing lights.

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Fairbanks boasts dark winter nights, providing the perfect backdrop for this natural spectacle.

Planning Your Trip

Tips for Northern Lights Viewing

Planning is crucial. Always check the weather and aurora forecast, and consider guided tours for the best experience.

The Importance of Patience

Remember, viewing Northern Lights requires patience. Sometimes waiting in the cold for hours is necessary, but the outcome is worthwhile.


Undoubtedly one of nature’s most magnificent displays, viewing the Lights in person is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So be ready for the light show of a lifetime by packing your baggage and picking a spot.

FAQ’s for Best Places to See Northern Lights

They can appear in several colors, most commonly green, but also pink, violet, yellow, blue, and even red.

Yes, they're called the Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights and can be seen from high southern latitudes.

While most people don't report a sound, some claim to hear a faint, crackling noise.

Yes, with the right equipment and settings, it's possible to capture stunning images of this natural phenomenon.


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