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Charleston’s Old South Carriage Historic Horse Tour

Immerse yourself in a delightful journey back in time, and explore Charleston’s Old South Carriage Historic Horse Tour. This unique experience will provide an unforgettable perspective of the city, a blend of its vibrant past and lively present.

Introduction to Charleston’s History

Nestled on the Atlantic Coast, Charleston, South Carolina, is adorned with time-honored buildings, cobblestone streets, and an enthralling history spanning centuries. One could stroll around the city, but a more remarkable way to plunge into Charleston’s past is via a carriage tour led by stunning, well-trained horses. It’s a living image of the past, made available for us to experience today. Charleston is famous for its historic horse tour.

Charleston's Old South Carriage Historic Horse Tour

The Old South Carriage Company

At the helm of this extraordinary journey is the Old South Carriage Company, renowned for its commitment to authenticity, preservation, and quality. The company’s distinct horse-drawn carriages, identifiable by royal red sashes, symbolize Charleston’s heritage. They offer an unmatched perspective of the city, bringing its history to life uniquely.

What to Expect on the Tour

The historic horse tour is more than just a simple city tour. It transports you to a bygone period. What can you anticipate from this unique journey?

Charleston's Old South Carriage Historic Horse Tour

Meeting the Horses

First, you’ll meet your majestic means of transportation. The names and charms of each horse serve as a tangible reminder of the city’s rich past. Great care is taken with these animals, as they are just as integral to the city’s history as the places they take you to visit.

The Carriage Experience

Climb aboard one of the company’s beautiful carriages, and you’ll find yourself in a comfortable, intimate setting. The carriages, accommodating a limited number of guests, ensure that everyone gets a panoramic view of the city’s splendors. As the carriage sets off, the city’s ancient, oak-lined streets and beautiful antebellum houses are unveiled leisurely, relaxedly.

Unveiling Charleston’s Past

The journey uncovers the rich tapestry of Charleston’s past, guiding you through the city’s most historic districts, each holding countless tales of the city’s long and fascinating history. Charleston is known for its historic horse tour.

Charleston's Old South Carriage Historic Horse Tour

The French Quarter

The French Quarter is the first stop on your historic horse tour. This area, brimming with historic buildings, age-old churches, and captivating art galleries, is a living history book. Each cobblestone and brick tells a story of a time when the city was a bustling colonial seaport.

Rainbow Row

Next, your carriage will trot down to Rainbow Row. This famous street is home to thirteen colorful Georgian row houses—the most extended cluster in the United States. The vibrant houses, each painted in a different pastel shade, were once the dwelling of merchants who ran their businesses on the ground floor.

The Battery

The tour culminates at The Battery, a defensive seawall and promenade known for its stately antebellum homes. Here, the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet, offering mesmerizing water views that mark a grand finish to your historical exploration.

Noteworthy Guides

An integral part of this fantastic journey is the exceptional tour guides.

Expert Tour Guides

Each guide is not only well-versed in the city’s rich history, but they’re also passionate about sharing it. They paint vivid pictures of the past, making the city’s history accessible and engaging.

Engaging Storytelling

Their storytelling prowess brings to life the tales of Charleston’s past. They weave narratives of the city’s colonial past, civil war stories, and tales of pirate escapades in a way that’s sure to keep you captivated throughout your journey.

Preparing for the Tour

To ensure a seamless experience, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

Booking Information

Owing to its popularity, securing a spot on this historic tour well in advance is recommended. The tours operate all year round, allowing you to select a date and time that suits your schedule.

What to Bring

Appropriate Clothing

Comfort is critical for this open-air journey, so wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Depending on the weather, you may also want to bring a hat or a light jacket.

Essential Items

Remember to bring along your camera or smartphone to capture the beauty of Charleston and its historic horse tour. The tour provides many picture-perfect moments you’ll want to remember long after your visit.


The Old South Carriage Historic Horse Tour is more than a simple ride through a city—it’s a ticket to explore Charleston’s illustrious past—Experience Charleston’s unique and awe-inspiring sights with our unforgettable carriage ride tour. You will receive an unparalleled perspective of the city from our knowledgeable guides. If you enjoy history, are a tourist, or seeking a unique experience, this trip to Charleston is worth considering. It’s a chance that you shouldn’t pass up.

FAQs for Charleston’s Old South Carriage Historic Horse Tour

All ages of kids are invited to join us right away. They have a wonderful chance to learn and advance their expertise.

While food and drinks are permitted, it's best to limit what you bring to only essential items for your comfort and convenience.

The Old South Carriage Company takes excellent care of its horses. Strict guidelines are followed for their care, work hours, and overall well-being.

The company operates in all weather, but safety is its priority. If the weather is deemed unsafe, tours may be canceled or rescheduled.


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