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3 Free Platforms to Watch the Tour de France in the USA


Isn’t witnessing the cycling world’s champions weave through France’s picturesque landscapes thrilling? A race that excites millions worldwide and unites diverse cultures under a single umbrella of passionate admiration. Watch the Tour de France which is truly remarkable! Can you imagine that? You can bask in this exhilarating experience right from home in the USA.

Watch the Tour de France

The Charm of the Tour de France

Why Watch the Tour de France

You might be wondering why someone would watch the Tour de France. But this is not simply a bike competition. It’s a vibrant celebration of human tenacity, discipline, and sportsmanship. It’s a global spectacle that displays breathtaking scenic beauty as competitors pedal through the beautiful vineyards, majestic mountain ranges, and charming French towns.

Watch the Tour de France

Understanding the Tour de France

Understanding the game enriches the viewing experience, right? Each stage of the Tour de France has unique challenges, strategies, and potential rewards that stir a distinct thrill among its viewers. With cyclists pushing their limits amidst fierce competition, the race keeps you on the edge.

3 Free Platforms to Watch the Tour de France

Platform 1: NBC Sports

What NBC Sports Offers

NBC Sports is your gateway to the Tour de France, broadcasting every stage live. You can enjoy behind-the-scenes content, in-depth analysis, and unique viewpoints that promise a well-rounded viewing experience.

How to Access NBC Sports

Having an over-the-air antenna to watch the Tour de France on NBC Sports would be best. Like the athletes in the race, setting it up requires some effort, but the result is worth it.

Watch the Tour de France

Platform 2: Peacock TV

What Peacock TV Offers

Peacock TV is another fantastic platform offering comprehensive Tour de France coverage. You can watch the race on demand, allowing you to enjoy it at your convenience and never miss any critical moments.

How to Access Peacock TV

Registering for Peacock TV is a breeze, like effortlessly cruising down a hill on a bicycle. To begin your Tour de France journey, To use their services, you can either visit their official website or download their mobile app. You will have everything you need to get going with any choice.

Platform 3: Fubo TV

What Fubo TV Offers

Fubo TV is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. It not only provides live coverage of the Tour de France but also hosts a plethora of other sports events. Their high-definition streaming makes the race come alive in your living room!

How to Access Fubo TV

To catch the Tour de France without spending any money, register on Fubo TV’s website. As a new user, you can enjoy a complimentary trial period of 7 days.


Hey cycling enthusiasts! Exciting news – the platforms to get you to the Tour de France are now available. No matter your schedule, these platforms ensure you take all the action. Remember that more than just the racing, the Tour de France is about the complete experience. Relax, savor the moment, and take your time.

FAQs for Watch the Tour de France in the USA

These platforms are accessible within the USA. However, availability might vary outside the country.

All three platforms provide live coverage of the Tour de France.

Absolutely! All three platforms offer a variety of sports events apart from the Tour de France.

All three platforms offer high-quality streaming, making your viewing experience delightful.

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