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Top 10 Destinations for a Cape Town Safari Day Trip


Cape Town, the Mother City of South Africa, boasts many attractions. While Table Mountain and the V&A Waterfront often grab the headlines, there’s another aspect of Cape Town that’s equally enticing the safari day trips. Cape Town’s proximity to some of South Africa’s most treasured reserves offers a unique chance to delve into the wild, even if just for a day.

What Makes Cape Town Safari Day Trip Special?

Cape Town’s proximity to some of Africa’s most stunning wildlife sanctuaries means the wilderness is just a drive away, even if you need more time. Its unique biodiversity ensures every trip is different. Imagine spotting a fierce lion one moment and a delicate butterfly the next. Isn’t that something?
Cape Town Safari Day Trip

Preparing for Your Safari Day Trip

Before heading out, remember to pack essentials like binoculars, a hat, sunscreen, and a camera. Trust me; you’ll want to capture every moment! And while spontaneity is the spice of life, booking your safari in advance will save you from any last-minute hassles.

The Best Time to Go

While Cape Town charms visitors year-round, the period between May and September is a jackpot for safari enthusiasts. Why? It’s the dry season. Animals gathering around waterholes makes them easier to spot and offers a chance to witness the Great Migration.
If you want to experience the best of city life and the untamed wilderness, here are the top destinations for a Cape Town safari day trip.

1- Aquila Private Game Reserve

Just two hours from the bustling streets of Cape Town lies the Aquila Private Game Reserve. As you embark on a Cape Town safari day trip here, you’re guaranteed to catch a glimpse of the Big Five – lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinos, and leopards. Its convenient location and rich biodiversity make it a favorite among many.
Cape Town Safari Day Trip

2- Inverdoorn Game Reserve

Stretching over 10,000 hectares in the Klein Karoo, Inverdoorn is a testament to conservation efforts in the region. Take a Cape Town safari day trip here and witness the cheetah conservation program. The vast landscapes and plethora of wildlife promise an unforgettable experience.

3- Buffelsfontein Game & Nature Reserve

A short drive away from the city, Buffelsfontein covers 1,600 hectares of West Coast terrain. A Cape Town safari day trip here might offer sightings of lions, giraffes, zebras, and even the elusive wild cat.

4- Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Known for its white lions, Sanbona stretches over 58,000 hectares of indigenous flora and fauna. A Cape Town safari day trip to this vast wilderness promises an intimate experience with the wild, complete with rock formations that are over 500 million years old.

5- Botlierskop Private Game Reserve

Mossel Bay’s Botlierskop spans 3,500 hectares of diverse habitats. While on a Cape Town safari day trip here, you can spot over 26 animal species and over 200 bird species, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

6- Schotia Safaris Private Game Reserve

Although a bit farther away, Schotia is worth the drive. A Cape Town safari day trip to this reserve almost guarantees lion sightings. Coupled with evening drives and hearty South African meals, it’s an experience that captures the essence of the wild.
Cape Town Safari Day Trip

7- Fairy Glen Game Reserve

Nestled at the foot of the Brandwacht Mountains, Fairy Glen offers a harmonious blend of luxury and nature. A Cape Town safari day trip to this reserve brings you close to black rhinos, Cape buffalo, and various antelope species, all against majestic mountains.

8- Kragga Kamma Game Park

Situated in Port Elizabeth, Kragga Kamma might require a slightly longer journey, but it’s worth it. With no predators, animals roam freely here. A Cape Town safari day trip to Kragga Kamma means mingling with giraffes, zebras, and the unique Bontebok.

9- Bushman’s Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat

Blending luxury with wilderness, Bushman’s Kloof is a haven for those seeking relaxation and adventure. A Cape Town safari day trip here offers sightings of the rare Cape mountain zebra and ancient rock art sites.
 Cape Town Safari Day Trip

10- Garden Route Game Lodge

Last but not least, the Garden Route Game Lodge offers the classic African safari experience. A Cape Town safari day trip here might end with a tranquil sunset overlooking the Langberg Mountains, with the silhouettes of roaming antelopes and the distant roar of a lion.


In conclusion, Cape Town is not just about the mountains and the sea. Its proximity to many wildlife experiences makes it a top destination for those craving adventure. Whether you’re keen on the Big Five, interested in birds, or want a unique reptile encounter, a Cape Town safari day trip offers something for everyone. Take advantage of the opportunity to immerse yourself in South Africa’s rich biodiversity within a day’s reach from the Mother City.

FAQs for Cape Town Safari Day Trip

While a longer safari offers a more immersive experience, a day trip gives a fantastic overview and can be incredibly rewarding.

Opt for comfortable, neutral-colored clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and sturdy shoes.

Absolutely! Many lodges and tours cater to families, making it an educational and fun experience for kids.

Choose operators that support conservation, follow the leave-no-trace principle, and respect local communities.

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